Piper Tandem

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We find all the characteristics that made the Piper solo a huge success: easy inflation, good speed range on the trimmers in all conditions, easy controls.
Whether for take-off on foot or in a tandem, inflating the Piper Tandem is a formality: in calm conditions, the wing inflates on its own and stops by itself above the head thanks to its full reflex profile . This allows a quick and efficient take-off.
Compared to tandems in the same category, the speed range is more extensive.
The wing can be steered with the main brakes but also with the separate TSTs.
The Piper Tandem has exceptional stability of this wing compared to other models in the same category. Indeed, the Piper Tandem crosses turbulence (mass of thermal air, strong wind) with great ease, as if guided on an invisible rail.
On landing, the braking power will allow you to land, after a nice flair, with great precision.

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Wing weight (kg) 8.7 9
Aspect ratio 5.55 5.55
Cell number 58 58
Span 14.5 14.9
Chord 3.22 3.33
In flight weight paramotor (kg) 130-400 (DGAC) 160-450 (DGAC)
Speed max (km/h) 80 80
Certification DGAC DGAC

The Piper Tandem is delivered with :

– Quick pack XL ITV
– Inner bag
– Compression strap
– User manual
– Goodies ITV

Extra Opties:

Custum Colors €290,-


38, 40


Neon, Lime, Red


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