Open Sky PPG Taster

Do you want to learn to fly but you are not quite sure yet whether paramotor flying is something for you?

No problem, just drop by for an introduction day at Skywings Paramotorschool!

This introduction day consists of:
  • A first introduction to the sport and the equipment used in this sport.
  • A half day groundhandling lesson, where you will start to learn how to get the paraglider above your head.
  • A pedagogical tandem flight with 1 of the skywings (deputy) instructors.
Important to know:
  • Sturdy shoes are necessary, long trousers and a wind vest are recommended but not required.
  • High in the air it can be 10 degrees colder than on the ground. You feel about 40 km/h headwind.
  • Close pockets and do not take any valuables with you. A camera is definitely recommended, but it must be possible to secure it.
  • Maximum passenger weight is 95 kg.
  • The flights are flown in the morning and evening (until 3 hours after sunrise and from 3 hours before sunset)
  • The weather conditions must be calm, 0 to 15 km/h wind and no rain.

The cost of this lesson is €150 per person. If, after this Open Sky PPG Taster, you decide to continue with the Adventure PPG Pilot training, this amount will be deducted from the price of the Adventure PPG Pilot training. This is because this day is actually the first day of your Adventure PPG Pilot training.

Planning introduction days:

Introduction days are held during our flying lessons. When  you have registered for an introduction day, you will be added to our lesson appgroup. In this app group you can then see where and when the next lesson is planned. Because we are very dependent on the weather in this sport, lessons can often not be planned too far in advance. It may also be the case that once you are on the field the weather turns out to be different than predicted, so that it sometimes happens that you come to the field for nothing.

Sighn in for the introduction day

Enter your details below to book this introduction day. If you would like to participate in this class with more than one person, please complete the form separately for each person. You can then register for the lesson together via the lesson app group.